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I discovered Dungeons & Dragons when I was in middle school and those years remain the most fun times I've had playing the game. The game itself is going through a bit of a renaissance at the moment. No longer does the typical D&D player evoke images of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory (also, please stop watching The Big Bang Theory). Quite the contrary, the game has never been friendlier to new players. The focus is less on memorizing rules and instead on telling a cool story. Having studied writing my whole life, I love getting to watch as my players flesh out their character's story arcs and bring their heroes to life!

D&D has a natural way of letting you step into somebody else's shoes for a few hours and middle school is one of those developmental stages when sometimes that's really all you need."

Math Teacher & intervention Specialist, Dempsey Middle School

Erika Panvosky

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Dynamix Engineer

I grew up in Pasadena, California and came to Ohio when I was 13 year to live with my aunt and uncle. I grew up going in and out of foster care from the ages of 5 through 13. My mother's sister took us three girls in. I love to cook, bike ride, swim and be just be outside. I attended OSU and graduated from Franklin University while working at The Honda Plant full time, with over 25 years’ experience as an engineer.

“I have found my calling; this is why I volunteer, mentor, and coach. I can use my experiences, to help, listen and be a mentor to give hope to those who find themselves in need of good listener, comforting and consistent mentor. My heart is full, I am happier and a better person, coach, friend if I can help and/or make a difference in one person's life for the better.”

Financial Controller, V&P Hydraulic Products

 I'm fairly new resident of Delaware. While I’ve lived in the county for several years, I recently moved to the City of Delaware and I LOVE IT! Having grown up in Cincinnati, after college, I said I would never live in a smaller town again (I went to a small university in Tiffin, Ohio). However, I fell in love with the City of Delaware after working here for 8 years and convinced my fiancé to move here last summer. When I’m not out trying different restaurants and shops downtown, I spend my free time volunteering, reading a book, watching football (and futbol) or running.


Lab Telemarketing Specialitst, Mettler Toledo

Marie is the product of a Delaware upbringing, having graduated from Hayes High School in 2013. She continued her education at Denison University, where she majored in Chemistry with minors in Education and Shakespeare Studies. She has done research in organic chemistry, been a teacher’s assistant in Newark and Granville middle schools, and recently spent a year instructing general chemistry lab at Ohio Wesleyan University. When she’s not doing science, she’s geeking out about Disney, jamming to show tunes, writing, or honing her trivia knowledge. 

Engineer, V&P Hydraulics

Jeffrey is my name and STEM is my game! I’m 25, male, and I live in Delaware. You might see me out and about walking with my dog Annabelle, playing frisbee in the various parks, or eating the ham loaf at Buns. I’ve only lived in Delaware for a year and half so I’m still pretty new here (I grew up in Saint Marys, Ohio).  Though I am new, I view Delaware as my home; so I feel strongly about getting out and being involved in the community along with meeting new people and making new friends! As for my profession, I am a design engineer at V&P Hydraulic Products. I honestly love being an engineer and I love the company I work for.

“I chose to be a part of STEMPossible because I want STEMPossible to be a part of me. It lets me connect with and enrich the lives of our students, all while doing fun experiments and projects that I think are awesome. This, in turn, enriches my life.”  

sarah wright
Jeffrey Severt
Marie Lance
Shannon schilling
Jennifer hellinger

Anime club

Jennifer Hellinger

Teen Librarian, Delaware County Library Orange Branch

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Melanie Crane
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